Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Suki sent a white butterfly, in a most unique way

Suki did send a white butterfly, but in a most unique and practical way.

It was Saturday night, and I was going up and down my street looking for her, without knowing she had already passed away.  I must have spent close to five hours when Ainey finally came.

Ainey told me much later that a white butterfly had settled on her windscreen when she stopped to reply my smses.  The white butterfly fluttered around her windscreen for sometime before it left.  Ainey knew her help was needed.  Suki had sent her a message.  You don't often see white butterflies at night. 

Indeed, it was Ainey who found Suki for me.  Suki must have said, "My owner is too distraught, she can't find me.  She needs help."

Strange, isn't it?  Some things just cannot be explained by science and logic alone.  You just have to believe when you see it. 

And I believe it was Suki who sent Babykit to me to foster for a few hours and to find a mum-cat as fosterer.  It's her way of saying, "hey you, get on with your work!".  Terry remarked too, that Babykit is 2 days old.  Suki passed on 2 days ago. 


Well, Suki had always been so special.  And she always got things done her way.  Now, even from Rainbow Bridge!  Even from heaven! 

So, Suki sent a white butterfly to Ainey with a specific message, and she sent a baby kitten to me, also with a specific message!  She must have said, "What butterfly?  No butterfly for you.  You get a whole kitten!" 

Our girl had always done things in style, with pomp and galore. 

My dearest Suki, you are immortalised on our AnimalCare tshirt.  You are now our official guardian angel.  And you will always be my guardian angel. 

Thank you once again, to everyone, for your kind messages of condolences, the emails and smses.  I am ok now, Suki has decreed that I must get on with my work here.  I hear you, Suki.  I'm on my feet again. 

And now I have to get some sleep.  There is work to be done tomorrow. 

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Anonymous said...

No, KY, you are not Suki's owner, you are her beloved Mama, and Ainey, Yen Ling and Mandy, etc are her beloved aunties .... treasured and loved, that is what the Princess will always be ... by all whose lives she has touched and inspired during her short but eventful little life ... live on our darling Princess, in our hearts and in our minds! You will be sorely missed but never forgotten, little darling!