Monday, February 1, 2010

Thank you very much for all your messages

I wish to thank all my friends and readers of this blog for your messages of condolences and comfort on the demise of little Suki.  It is difficult to cope because it was unexpected and sudden. 

When I am awake, I would reason to myself that death is a part of life, and it is a natural thing to happen and that we have to accept it.  Yet, sometimes, the emotion takes over, and it becomes difficult to bear because I miss her so, so much. 

Psychologists tell us that it is alright to cry and grieve, as long as we are still in control of our emotions.  Crying and grieving help us heal and come to terms with our loss.

Many have written to me saying they would miss Suki's coup de tat stories.  Incidentally, I have not published her last coup de tat which happened just a few days ago because my son took the photos and it was in his hp. 

This would be my last photo with Suki.  I'm glad it is a happy photo.   

All your messages, smses and emails have helped tremendously.  Thank you so much for being with me in this difficult period.

I would like to reproduce here, to share with all of you, words of wisdom sent to me by two friends.  For all of us who have lost our beloved pets (a recent one being Miko's feeder and rescuer), and for those of us who know we may have to face such inevitable losses one day, I hope these words of wisdom would help us cope better when the time comes.

This is a lovely poem sent by Wani of MDDB.  It tells us to remember that relationships are not just physical but also spiritual in nature.  Though we do not see our departed loved ones anymore, they are still with us in spirit. 

And God asked the feline spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul
And, as a cat, you know I am most able
To decide anything for myself.

Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the whiskered angel
But I must come slowly

For my human friends are troubled
For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don't they understand? Asked God
That you'll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is....forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand,
Replied the glorious cat
For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them
I just am....forever and ever and ever.
And this is from my friend, Dr Tan Chek Wee, from Singapore Community Cats.  His work and advice inspired me to start AnimalCare and I will always be grateful to him. 
It was a "good" (quick) death for Suki and her physical pain is no more. The pain is ours of loss.
Do not regret. It brings no benefits for Suki or ourselves.
She had a good life, receiving far more loving-kindness than many sentient beings living long long lives.
The positive imprints on her consciousness will be conditions for a good rebirth and many years down the road, another "Kah Yein" will do the wonderful work of compassion for our animal sentient beings.
As I am writing this now, Bunny is sleeping right behind me, on top of Suki's cage.  I think my cats are definitely taking turns to look after me.  They have not left me alone all day yesterday.  And of course, Bobby, as always, is beside me.  Animals are so full of love and kindness - it must be inborn and they also learn from us. 

Thank you, everyone, for your kindness.  There is work to be done today.  We have a potential adopter for Roger and Russell and I will take him for a viewing.  Wendy's spiritual healing is ongoing - thank you to everyone who has offered to visit Wendy regularly this week. 


ManekiNeko said...

The last photo of you with Suki made me smile with joy, and then Wani's poem reduced me to tears. Like everyone else, I send my deepest condolences to you, and I'm glad your animals are gathering round to give you comfort! -Amanda

Amelia said...

my condolences on the demise of Suki. i hope you stay strong and take care of yourself so that you can continue your good work to help many more helpless animals.

stay strong!!
Suki is in a better place now.

PingSu said...

Dear Kahyein

I sent a condolence message to you on Suki's demise, but it was not posted, I think it didn't go thru.

Just to let you know that my thoughts are with you; the pain which you feel in your heart, is the 'price' for loving and losing a beloved pet. A quote from Shakespeare - It's better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. Small consolation I know; when time has done her healing, the memories of Suki will remain with you; and whenever you think of her, she will bring a smile to you. It will be her way of thanking you for taking care of her and loving her so much.

As I write this, I weep for Suki too.

Love, pingsu

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher, that is indeed a very beautiful picture. :)

Oliver Kua said...

I'm quite busy with my work this few days and i just learn about suki from your post, i'm not very good at words when giving condolences.

As i study on Tibetan Buddhism all i can do is to recite 'VAJRASATTVA' mantra for suki.

May the mantra that i recite will free suki from any suffering and negative karma and have the opportunity to learn buddha's teaching from Shakyamuni Buddha and cultivate it life after life until they obtain nirvana. May Suki are free from cycle of birth and death.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Suki. Let's not grieve but celebrate the life of a special cat. Pen her story together with Vixey's and Mac's. Take care.

Vics said...

Kah Yein, just read about Suki. My condolences to you and your family. Suki is reunited with Vix and Mac, and they are in a happier place.

Pravinn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Suki. My deepest condolences. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. She's in a better place now.

Teresa said...

So sorry to hear about Suki. Please take your time to mourn. I'll visit and feed Wendy. I'll reiki you too. Rest well.