Saturday, February 27, 2010

Teddybear is home with me now

I had to quickly recover from Bobtail's passing because Teddybear needed nursing care as well.  He was not in as bad a condition as Bobtail, but both were suspected to be suffering from the same infection - both severely emaciated till skin and bones. 

Teddybear at the clinic this morning.

Teddybear perked up a little later in the morning.  By afternoon, he even ate some ID kibbles, besides the wet ID that I had forcefed him yesterday.

Eating ID on his own.

He wanted the whole jar of ID kibbles I had brought from home.

By evening, the vet said I had a choice of taking him home and nursing him.  He can be taken off the drips already since he had perked up a little, and his temperature has improved (back to normal).  However, we would leave the catheter on just in case he needs intravenous medication or the drip has to be reinstalled again should his condition take a turn for the worst.  I was also worried about Teddybear biting the drip and wetting himself as Bobtail had done. 

So, I brought Teddybear home, with oral medications.

Xiao Li being curious of the newcomer. 

Hello, Teddybear.  Xiao Li and Bandit were both very hospitable and friendly to little Teddybear. 

Bandit saying "hi" to his brother, Teddybear.  Bandit was smaller than Teddybear when first brought to me.  Look at the size difference now.  My husband was shocked when he saw Teddybear.  He said Teddybear had probably shrunken in size. 

Teddybear was curious about the new surroundings, and spent some time exploring the room, but I had to confine him.

He is sleeping now.

Friends, please pray for Teddybear to recover.  We do not know what kind of infection he has been infected with, but the blood tests suggest a bacterial infection. 


Anonymous said...

poor kittens. what kind of bacteria they infected? maybe you should go visit the fosterer and see what happen at their place. it is good to clean everything there rather then let the bacteria infected other cat fostered there.
hope bobtail rest in peace and teddybear can recovered soonest.

Anonymous said...

Can do a swap and bacteria culture as well as a drug sensitivity test. Based on info from the PetFinder website, the fosterer's place is a multi-cat household and he runs an unlicensed boarding place for cats. Also heard from the grapevine that he once had an outbreak where many of his cats had died.

The painful lesson learned all round here is that we need to be more diligent about care and hygiene especially where young vulnerable kittens are involved. Do not offer to foster if you are not totally committed.

Get well, little Ted.