Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teddybear is improving

I wish to thank all well-wishers and friends who have stood by me throughout this nightmarish ordeal of having to nurse Bobtail and Teddybear back to life. 

I must have been so exhausted, more due to shock than anything else, that at 11pm last night, I could barely stay awake anymore.  And I wondered, just before konking off, if I had done the right thing by bringing back Teddybear from the hospital to nurse him through the night. 

I had brought the sofa cushion into the room to camp beside Teddybear's cage so that I could nurse him all night.  The vet had said he needed hydration and regular small meals. 

As tired as I was, the universe was very merciful....

Teddybear woke me up at regular intervals throughout the night!  Each time he wanted to eat and drink, he would mew, and I would hear him.  

At midnight, he mewed loudly at the door of the cage.  He wanted to come out.  I had put a hotwater bottle inside his cage but he did not want that.  

So, I opened the cage door, and he climbed onto my makeshift bed (the cushion of the sofa).  He just wanted to sleep with me.

All night, he was either sleeping on my neck (!!) or on my chest, and every one hour, he would mew, and I would feed him glucose water and a little bit of ID.  He could even eat the ID on his own, straight from the can.  

Teddybear climbed onto the cushion and refused to budge. 

This morning's 4am feed.  Bobby was keeping watch all night.

Xiao Li was very concerned too, and tried to help.  She's really becoming quite an angel, living up to her name, just like Suki!  Each time Teddybear ate, she would be beside him, as though encouraging him.  It is very touching to see such concern in one so young. 

I was just too tired to take any photographs as I could barely keep awake, but I had enough energy to feed Teddybear glucose water by syringe and open the can of ID for him.  He was quite independent and that's really a very good sign.

However, Bandit was clearly very jealous (poor thing, male vs male syndrome?  But they are brothers, actually).  Bandit growled a little here and there, and slept in his litter box all night (that's something he has never done before). 

My other adult cats did not make any fuss.  They came in to see Teddybear.  No hissing. 

As of this morning, Teddybear seems to have improved very much.  His stools last night wasn't watery anymore.  It was soft, but it is much better than yesterday. 

This morning's stools was slightly more well-formed.  He walked all the way into Xiao Li and Bandit's big cage to do his business. 

I hope Bandit will accept Teddybear.

Please continue to pray for Bandit's recovery. 

I will be away to give a public talk this morning and to raise funds for AnimalCare (a scheduled talk, so it cannot be postponed).  This afternoon, I'll be taking Teddybear for a repeat blood test.  Let's hope the readings are better. 

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thank you for your prayers.  My heartfelt appreciation to all of you for standing by me in one of my greatest hour of need.   

Even though it had been just two days, I miss Bobtail. 

May Bobtail be in a better existence now.  May he be happy and healthy, and may he look after all of us from above.  

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