Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cleo - lost.....and found!

All the cats in my house are actually CNRM-ed cats, but over the years, they have become our pets.  And they have been given the freedom of choosing their own territory.  

Cow and Bunny, being the self-declared alphas, got the entire house.  Their sister, Pole, decided she preferred the neighbourhood, so she is always within the vicinity of 2-3 houses from ours. 

Tiger used to spend time at the neighbour's but ever since acupuncture increased his confidence, he is now home and has taken the top of the piano.  Indy gets the top of the bookshelf.  Wii, unfortunately, is the current "victim" of the two alphas, and he feels safer in the back alley.  Cleo fought for her rights in the house, and takes the ironing board upstairs.  

All of them come back for food several times a day.  In the mornings, I would usually have all seven of them eating together in the kitchen.    

However, yesterday, we noticed Cleo had not come back for hours.  I pushed the panic button last night and we went searching for Cleo.  My husband finally managed to call her out from the neighbour's garden, but still, she refused to come home.  

Normally, Cleo would be home by bedtime and she sleeps in our bedroom.  She is my husband's alarm clock every morning.  She would come onto the bed and wake us up.  

This morning, Cleo didn't do her duty.  She was out all night.    

Finally, just before going off to work, my husband managed to call her out and carry her back.  

Here's Cleo, having breakfast this morning.  I quickly prepared her a feast.  Her current favourite is raw chicken, particularly the chicken skin. 

I wonder if Cleo is angry or jealous over the presence of Xiao Li and Bandit.  While she was eating, I explained to her that Xiao Li and Bandit have no home, and they are staying with us for awhile.   

Sigh...cat politics.

How I wish I could understand their minds....

If Cleo still refuses to come home, I might have to get another fosterer for Xiao Li and Bandit. 

Sometimes, just like humans, it's all about "yuen" (the Chinese word for "affinity").

I remember fostering Felix, a little tabby kitten with an eye infection, and ALL my cats packed their bags and ran away.  ALL, except good old Indy, who stayed by the cage and accompanied Felix all day.  I had to board Felix at the clinic after which the six prodigal cats came home.   

It's affinity, alright. 

I'm sure Cleo is just outside there, somewhere.  She's not happy about something, but I can't be sure what it is. 

Come home again, Cleo.

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