Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the still of the night

Suddenly, there was a loud shriek...I rushed into the kitchen, and....

No, this is not the starting of a new book, but what happened tonight.

I was feeding the cats their supper when I turned my back to do something and there was a loud shriek and the bowls went flying all over the kitchen. 

As usual, Cow had decided he wanted to chase Little Chief (I should have called him BIG CHIEF instead, but my son renamed him "Wii" after a few weeks, so it's Wii now) out of the house...again.

This has been happening for some weeks now, and we are doing our best to protect Wii....and discipline Cow, but it's a bit hard getting through to Cow. 

And why on earth did I name him "Cow" in the first place? 

I looked out into the alley, and there was Cow.  I scolded him "Naughty Cow!" and he walked away.  Typical feline snobbery. 

Normally, Wii would also be somewhere in the alley but as I craned my neck to look for him, he was no where to be seen.
I called him.
"Where are you, Wii?"
Instantly, I heard a soft "meow"....
Hah...there he is, smart boy.  He had climbed up the air-cont unit where Cow would not be able to get him. 
Many-a-times, we've had to bring the ladder out to do a rescue job, but I figured Wii looked quite comfortable up there, so I waited for him. 
He did not seem to want to come down at all.
Bunny (Cow's brother) came to look, and tried to coax Wii to come down.  Bunny is our biggest cat (in size), and he looks like a body-builder, but he is really such a sweet cat. 
That's Mac's house.  Mac is hiding behind the house while the entire commotion was going on, so you can't see him. 
"I had better stay out of this cat fight,"Mac thought. 
Ahh...here's Mac. 
"Safe to come out now..."
And the two best friends, Indy and Suki, of course, just had to come out to see what was going on.  How can they be left out, yah?
And while I was still waiting for Wii to come down, Suki decided to do some jungle gym, under the watchful eye of big brother Indy.
And all through the entire commotion, Vixey remained in her Summer Palace in the kitchen, totally unperturbed by the cacophony.  "I am above all these silly squabbles and I shall remain non-alligned", she says. 
So, folks, cats have politics too.  And when you have an alpha cat like Cow in the family, gosh, life is never boring....
Can be a headache too, at times!

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kulay kahel said...

that was so entertaining and cute! you have quite a lot there!