Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Piggy-Vix

This is Vixey.  No, she is NOT up for adoption!  My daughter and I rescued Vixey and her brother from a rubbish heap about two years ago, and both of them are part of our big furry family at home. 

Vixey turned out to be "retarded", and has many complicated health problems.  She has kidney and liver problems, and lifelong constipation due to a spinal chord injury.

Vixey is on a special diet, on supplements and laxatives, and lately, her constipation has become so bad that I have to give her an enema every four days.     

Today, I brought her for a third opinion at Dr Edmund's.  A blood test was done, and it confirmed her kidney and liver problems.  We are going to try a change of food and a new supplement (from France) for Vixey now. 

So, sometimes, this is what having a pet entails, folks.  For better or for worse, once adopted, he or she is your pet for life.  And just as you would do everything possible for your child's wellbeing, you would do the same for your pet. 

Actually, your pet requires much more love and care than your child because a child grows up and can learn to be independent.  A pet...depends on you for life. 

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