Saturday, September 5, 2009

My 13 years-olds

Here's Mac and Bobby, my two thirteen year-olds. They have been fighting for 13 years!! Bobby is extremely territorial and jealous (they say poodles are the most jealous dogs in the world and I think they are right!). He is ok with all the cats, but not any dog.
Mac and Bobby are the oldest dogs on my street, so they think they rule!
Mac was rejected by his first owner and returned to the shop. Bobby was my son's choice (when he was barely six years old). We had wanted to adopt from the shelter, but all the dogs were too big for my (then very young) children. The shop told us Bobby's adult size would only be 10 inches, and my son was very happy with that. But looks like Bobby took after his father instead, and he grew to about 30 inches. But then, so did my son, so they both grew up together!
The photos above show the twosome after their bath this morning. Both are very friendly to cats and squirrels. Bobby has helped me look after every single kitten I've brought back to the house.

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