Friday, September 4, 2009

My own Piggy-Vix

This is Vixey, the black beauty on the left. I call her "Piggy-Vix" because she looks very much like my daughter's toy black pig. And that's little Suki looking at the camera.

After dealing with Abby's case this evening, I came home and brought Vixey to the vet for her regular enema.
Vixey (by medical terms) is "retarded". She was rescued from the rubbish heap about two years ago, together with her brother, Little Chief. After a month with me, Vixey suffered a brain trauma, but miraculously survived. As a result of the brain trauma or perhaps it was congenital, Vixey has many problems and "defects" in her now, and this includes a spinal chord injury which has resulted in a condition called "megacolon" where her large intestines have almost completely lost the ability for peristalsis. Hence, she suffers from lifelong constipation. She also has kidney and liver problems.
Vixey needs an enema every few weeks. I do it myself at home too, but it's never as effective as when the vet does it.
Today, even after two enemas, nothing came out. So I brought Vixey back and will have to bring her to the vet's again tomorrow for a follow-up unless she does it tonight or tomorrow morning.
Well, that's life, folks. Who knows, when we are old, or at any time, we may also suffer from something similar.
Looking after injured or "imperfect" animals makes me realise that we should never ever take things for granted. Take for example, Vixey - she has so many health problems and suffers from lifelong constipation. So, we who can go to the toilet every day, ought to be very thankful for this. Remember Joanie? She had problem urinating. These are things we sometimes take for granted.
It makes me realise that we must always be thankful for what we have. No matter how badly we are suffering, there are definitely people and animals who are worse off.
So let's be thankful for everything that is right in our lives, no matter how trivial and how small.
P.S. Right now, Vixey is passing out soft stools all over the floor, and I'm going to wipe it all up. I am thankful for this!! VERY thankful!

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