Saturday, September 5, 2009

Goodnight, Sleep tight

Goodnight, time to call it a day
Sleep tight, dream your troubles away
Goodnight, in spite of any sorrow
There's a brand new day on its way tomorrow
Someday, all your dreams will come true
Someway, for me and you
So close your eyes and dream of it my darling
Till then goodnight,
Goodnight, sleep tight.
P.S. This is an old song from The Five Pennies, way back in the sixties. I grew up surrounded by lots and lots of wonderful music. And when things go not-so-right as they sometimes do, music certainly hath charm to soothe one's heart.
Goodnight, sleep tight! We'll tackle Abby's problem tomorrow.
Goodnight, Abby. I hope you're ok.

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Margee F said...

God bless you kind hearted souls..