Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The breakfast story continues...

After the first round of breakfast, Tiger comes back for his...

Tiger is also afraid of Cow and Bunny, but he is a Gandhi-reborn, so he practises Ahimsa (non-violence).  Tiger never fights back.  When threatened, he just crouches and closes his eyes ("if I cannot see, it won't harm me").  And he would avoid potential problems at all costs.  This, of course, includes having breakfast at a different time from the "elders".
There's Bunny gobbling up Bobby's food.  Bunny loves senior dog food while Bobby loves kitten food!
And Suki drinking water from everybody's water bowl.  She can lick water, but refuses to lick milk.  I'm weaning her off milk now.  So, no more bottle.
" that I've had my breakfast, what should I do next?"
"Yes!  Disturb Vixey!!!" 

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wen said...

Fat bunny! Sooo many updates in such a short time! Having a hard time keeping up with them! =P