Saturday, September 12, 2009

The things Suki does

I've just discovered (forgive this ignoramus) that there's a new editor for this template, so I'm trying it out now.  It seems I can drag photos anywhere I want now.  And hopefully, add spacebars in between the paragraphs!  I couldn't do it with the old template earlier.   

Here's some updates and photos of the naughty-one, Suki. 

Suki is an extremely adventurous kitten, and quite unlady-like too, if compared to Cleo, Pole and Vixey. 

At barely two months, she has started exploring the porch as well, climbing out from the window.  We now have to resort to monitoring her every movement very closely, or to close all the windows when she is "on the loose". 

She has quite a bit of "time-out" whenever I am at home (which is very often), but when nobody's in, she goes back into the cage amidst violent protests!!  The other day, she was so angry at being caged, she tore up the newspapers in her cage and tried to dig an escape tunnel through the metal grilles of her cage!   We'll let her out in time, but she's just too young to go out of the window for now. 

Even poor little Indy gets tired just watching over her!  He has finally met his match!!

That's the naughty-one climbing up the table fan one day. 
And that's her after exploring the bookshelf.
But nothing beats cuddling up with good ol' Vixey!


one piece said...

Please visit my blog!! thank you!

chankahyein said...

Would love to, one piece, but what is the address?

YenLing said...

=) Thanks Dr. Chan. It is very nice to read about Suki. She is really a tough cookie!