Saturday, September 26, 2009

Suki's little adventure

Today, Suki got to go out to the garden to play!

Oh wow...!!

She was so, so incredibly happy to explore.

Bunny, Indy, Mac, Suki (in the flower pot), Bobby

Cow and Vixey also came out, but they are not in the photo.

Suki exploring the "catwalk"

We built this catwalk for the cats, and all our cats, during their childhood, had always loved walking and playing on this "catwalk". 

Always under the watchful eye of Big Bro Indy

Indy has been watching over Suki whenever she is out of the cage.  Many times when Indy lost sight of her, he would be seen dashing all over the house, even letting out a distress call, frantically looking for her. 

Indy has a very kind heart.

Look who is sharing the cage...

That's Bunny happily sleeping inside Suki's litter box.  All the cats seem to like the cage very much, and very often, Vixey is sleeping inside as well. 

Suki's had a really fun day playing in the garden.  She slept all afternoon, and here she is again now, sleeping soundly.   

Goodnight, folks.

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