Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coup de tat in my house

This is the one and only Ikea armchair in my house...

It has served our household for many, many years now, and has been the favourite chair of many people, in particularly, the following people...

My mum, my husband, Bobby, Cow,
Bunny, Indy and Cleo

However, lately, someone else is also interested in the chair.

Here's Bunny sleeping very comfortably on the chair.

(The Coup de Tat)

Step One: Get up on the chair and sit near the present occupant.

Step Two:  Observe what the present occupant is doing.

Step Three: Intimidate the present occupant by following exactly what he is doing.


Step Four: Watcha looking at?

Step Five: When present occupant is intimidated enough, he will vacate the seat.  When this happens, you move to the centre and claim the spot.

Step Six: Take-over is complete when former occupant moves a distance away.  To indicate a successful take-over, you pull the flap down and sit on it.

It even works with canine people.  Same modus operandi. 

The End

And it's mine, mine, mine!!!!



The Next Step: Sofa Take-Over's even easier with humans.


Anonymous said...

How cute!!

kulay kahel said...

hahaha this is so cute and entertaining!!

ervina said...

hahaha i totally laughed at this post. and look at suki!! so big already!!

ManekiNeko said...

If Suki takes over the sofa from her hard-working and saintly Mum, I'll be sending some scolding wishes her way, alongside the healing ones for Cooper... :-)

YenLing said...

LOL! I can imagine how Suki behave these days. She is really one go-getter. Little smart one. =)

Anonymous said...

What a funny piece! =)