Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The breakfast story

So, since last night's squabble in the kitchen, Wii didn't dare come back for breakfast this morning.  But Wii has a private entrance into my room, so here's Wii, Vixey and Suki having their breakfast in the "private room".  Suki has to be in the cage because she bee-lines for Vixey's food first. 

By the way, Wii and Vixey are brother and sister.  And Wii was initially named "Little Chief" because when my daughter and I first found them at the rubbish heap, Wii was fiercely protecting Vixey by spitting at us.  When Vixey came back from the hospital after a brain trauma, Wii slept by her side all day to look after her.  (Read the full story in Pawprints.)


Wii and Vixey when first rescued
Wii looking after Vixey after Vixey came back from the hospital
Look at the difference in size!  Vixey has a growth problem.  She is "retarded".
Hence, there is an uneven distribution of weight. 
Back to the present now....
So while the threesome were having their breakfast in the privacy (safety?) of my room, Cow, Bunny and Indy had theirs in the kitchen.
And Bobby, having gobbled up his breakfast in seconds, asks for more...
Yumm, yumm....anymore?  I don't mind left-overs...

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