Thursday, August 7, 2014

Timmy is staying nearby...somewhere!!


It's confirmed! That was Timmy that my friend spotted on Monday, walking along her wall with the "long tailed jahat" cat! I sent another photo of Timmy and she confirmed it.

Just now, we took a walk to the back road and we saw a few houses with many cats. Timmy is probably living happily in one of them!

I'm so glad Timmy is safe!!

Here's another possible theory: You know how it is that Ginger usually disappears every afternoon? Maybe Ginger has been going to the same house that Timmy is at and there's really good food being served there? And this is why Ginger has gained so much weight lately. Where Ginger goes is the same direction as where Timmy had been spotted walking.

My husband did say that, when Timmy first disappeared, maybe Timmy has had enough of Mr Zurik's disturbances, so he decided he would go to a friendlier place. Maybe that's what happened too. I know there are two houses that feed cats along my road. We all remember how Timmy used to complain about Mr Zurik's constant bickering with Vincent and Timmy used to whine to Mr Zurik.

Maybe that was what happened.

But whatever it is, I am so relieved that Timmy is alright!!


Norely Abd Rahman said...

Awesome news!!!!!

C W Lee said...

Hope can see Timmy in your blog again. Really missed him, so cute and chubby

Liew Wooi Yee said...

Yeah! This is fantastic news! I'm so happy for you. This is your reward for being persistent, not giving up hope and continuing to look for Timmy. Glad to know he's well-fed too. Perhaps he'll come back to visit real soon

BoBo Salem said...

yay...we're so happy to hear that.