Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bunny's fun in the sun

This morning, Bunny had a trip outside to the patio and front garden.


It's not that there is no sun in Bunny's Garden. But a trip out, a change of scenery, is very exciting for a cat.


Ah, he must have detected a lot of new smells.
Just before Bunny came out, Otto and Igor (the tree shrews) came by to eat kibbles.

mini-20140820_085251 mini-20140820_085312 mini-20140820_085318

Even the leaves tell a story, doesn't it?


Ginger comes in.


I'm on the alert, ready to grab Bunny the moment he sees Ginger.


But Ginger is smart. He hides behind the pillar and watches.


Soon, Ginger came closer. He is always trying to make friends.

Nope, that's too close for comfort and safety, Ginger.

I scooped Bunny back to his room.


And now, Ginger has exciting new smells to decipher...they tell another story.

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