Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sigh! Fire crackers....

I guess one of the most worrying things for caregivers of community animals during festive seasons is the fire crackers. My vet used to tell me that during festive seasons, the number of sick animals increase because they are stressed out by the fire crackers.

The loud noise is very unnerving for the animals because they do not understand where the sound comes from.

Just now, there was a burst of fire crackers in my neighbourhood.

Ginger and Rosie were helping me with the sewing, but the moment they heard the loud fire crackers, poor Ginger scrambled frantically out of the window by scaling the netting. We couldn't stop him as he just had to run. Rosie also disappeared.


The inside cats were afraid too.


Cleo was brave.


Pole hid under the bench.

At times like these, I'm so glad the cats are confined safely.

After about 10 minutes, I went out to look for Ginger and thankfully, found him under my car inside the porch. Luckily he hadn't scrambled too far away. I didn't want to disturb him or bring him inside at this point since he felt safe under my car and he was inside the porch.

Five minutes after that, Daffodil (the mother-of-the-year) brought Ginger back into the house.


You are really the mother-of-the-year, Daffodil.


Ginger wasn't afraid anymore.

But where was Rosie?


Oh...Rosie was under the sofa all the while!

Smart girl!

Please, no more fire crackers!!


Wong Yoke Mei said...

My Sunshine girl is shivering like silly and salivating... hidden herself at the corner of the room...lights switched off...sigh...firecrackers please go away.... :(

adelyn said...

My dog sweety will be running around my hall barking like mad until I pick him up he will settle down but still wines until the fire cracker stop. In these like this I wish there were ear muffin for them animals.