Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our masked hero springs into action....again!

This morning there was suddenly a loud thump on the roof in the pantry.

Within milliseconds, our brave masked hero was already on the ledge and had identified the intruder.

mini-P8030273 mini-P8030274

Oh, hello there...I've seen you around, Mr Cat.


But Indy was really, really angry and was already clawing at the polycarb, wanting to tear it down.

I was worried Indy might just do that, so I took the water hose and sprayed at their direction, without causing anyone to get wet.

Mr Cat went away, but....not too far away


He was still there and Indy walked backwards on the ledge (yes, he walked backwards) and made an incredible 180 degree turn when he reached the end of the confront Mr Cat.


Indy was really, really angry now.

And suddenly, there was yowling inside the room.


Oh no, Bunny was intimidating poor Tiger...

This is what usually happens with the titans. When one titan is in battle, the rest do not want to lose out, so they will go find their own battles to fight. And what easier way is there than to pick up an easy victim (which would usually be Tiger and Tabs).

I managed to deescalate the fight. Phew!


And also managed to talk our masked hero into coming down from the ledge.



After half an hour...



After one hour...

big boss

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