Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tabs' Saturday outing to the garden

Tabs gets to play in the garden on certain mornings when I don't need to go to work early, especially in the mornings.

Today was such a day.


While the PatioCats were having breakfast...


...Tabs wanted to come out to play.


She is always excited to hear the sound of birds chirping.

mini-P8020256 mini-P8020257 mini-P8020258

Wow..a whole playground out there to explore!!

But we cannot take the risk, Tabs. Once you go out, you will always want to go out and that's not a safe place for you.

Tabs has this habit of wanting to escape at night. I think it's her (female cat) hunting instincts kicking in. If she escapes at night, she makes a beeline for the gate and will go out of the house. During the day, the interest to leave the house isn't there.


Ginger is done with breakfast and is watching Tabs.


Tabs doesn't know danger.

She tried to touch noses with Mr Zurik. Then, the soldier stared hard at her and poor Tabs backed away, but she still followed Mr Zurik hoping they can be friends.



This is much safer for you, Tabs, to watch the world go by from our upstairs window.

Sometimes, Ginger and Vincent will come into the room from this roof. Cats have this excellent "homing ability" and do not require Waze, GPS or maps! I think they have an intelligence which we cannot even begin to comprehend, much less imagine.

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