Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ginger's rooftop expeditions take a new direction

For the past two days, we noticed that Ginger seemed to have found a new roofway to widen his explorations.

Yesterday, he still wasn't back for dinner by 6.45pm and that's when I raised the alarm and went out to the garden to call him. Little did I know I was calling towards the wrong side. He had gone to the other neighbour now.

As always, my yardstick is Daffodil. If Daffodil is not unduly worried, I guess Ginger would be safe.

My husband went to the playground to get a better view of all the roofs and with Rosie's help, he spotted Ginger sitting on the edge of our other neighbour's roof. He could have easily jumped down as that height would have been child's play for any self-respecting adult cat.

Rosie was the one who pointed out that Ginger was on this roof. She kept looking in this direction.

"You silly humans, you're looking at the wrong roof, can't you smell Ginger out?"

But Ginger was content at just sitting on the edge of that roof.

So I came out to look at him and yes, he was just sitting on the edge of that roof and when he saw me, he started mewing. It looked to me that he was a little scared of jumping down.


1. Keep calling him to give him the confidence to jump down but risk disturbing the neighbourhood.

2. Go to our bedroom window to call him and guide him to walk along the roof to come back through the window, a route which, again, any self-respecting cat ought to be able to figure out.

3. Call Pasukan Bomba & Penyelamat.

I resorted to Option (2), so it took sometime, but it finally worked.

So, Ginger crossed roofs and scrambled in by climbing over the green netting.

I carried him and quickly brought him down.

Rosie and Daffodil were both at the foot of the stairs waiting for the outcome of this small "rescue mission", relieved that Ginger was well.


Hmm....he wasn't particularly hungry.

Ginger, did you go for a Hari Raya kenduri somewhere?

I know there are two houses down the road which are cat-friendly. Apparently, they also feed cats in their respective compounds. It's wiser to have your soup kitchens within the vicinity of your own residence, isn't it? Then, it wouldn't be breaking any law.


The concerned mother and sister, Daffodil and Rosie.


Of course they get food too.

Vincent came as well, but he said he wasn't hungry; he was just concerned about Ginger.

Trust the Jedi warrior to get all his priorities right.


So, did you have a good meal at the kenduri, Ginger?


I guess he did!

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