Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pole is back to her 100%

After yesterday's unfortunate episode where Pole's hind leg got stuck in the sliding drawer, she's back to 100% this morning and even allowed us to dab her wound with Path-Away on a cotton pad!


That's the wound caused by the sliding drawer.

While it may look like a harmless wound, that's still relative if one considers how thin and small Pole's leg is.


But Pole seems to be back to 100% today, so that's good.

I even managed to give her a whole dose of Vetri DMG (in her wetfood) this morning.


 Tough cookie!

She is back to her "sharking" activities this morning. Pole's "sharking" activities cannot be caught on camera as it happens too fast. This happens, usually to Bunny or even Cow. It's when Bunny or Cow get our attention and we are playing with them. Then, Pole comes and circles round like a shark until Bunny or Cow feel so intimidated that they go away on their own. Then, Pole wins. That's the game.

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Aznita said...

Glad she's not angry at you anymore :)