Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Storeroom

Cats love mess.

They don't like neat.

'Coz with neat, there is nothing to explore, nothing to satisfy their curiosity, nothing to learn from, nothing to discover.

Cats need stimulation; they are naturally curious (isn't there an English proverb which says precisely this, though I never use it as I deem it rather disrespectful to the cat and cats, as we all know, command respect wherever they go, whatever they do).

Cats are intelligent and they need mess to explore.

So, clearly, cats have got it right from the start and hence, mess is good.

So today, Tabs and Heidi had a treat.

I opened the storeroom door...


Heidi went in first, followed closely by Tabs.

Welcome, welcome, to The Storeroom!


And Ginger followed suit.

Oh, the cats LOVE the storeroom!

We humans, unfortunately, have opted for a minimalist lifestyle, so we barely have anything "interesting" (by a cat's standard) in the house....except for the mess that we keep in...the storeroom!!

The storeroom is heavenly...for a cat.


Heidi leads the way to the interior!

The adventure begins!!


Mr Zurik wishes he could go in too, but there are protocols to follow.

Ginger ensures that. So Mr Zurik only gets to sit outside and drool.

Soon after, the exploration ends.


The cats come out.


And Heidi hisses at Tabs through the door.

Another adventure begins!

This time, it's called, very simply, "The Door".

And we say we are easily bored and we need shopping malls and theme parks to while our time away.

Learn from the cats?

Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Mark Twain. What is one thing these three visionaries have in common? They all had very messy workspaces.


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