Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bobby's ashes are back home now

Pet Memorial Services brought Bobby's ashes back to us this morning.

Scattering the ashes at sea is the normal practice, but for Bobby, we think we 'd prefer to bury his ashes scattered in our back garden. Bobby has always been so close to us and the cats. By interring his ashes in our back garden, at least he will still be home, in a symbolic way. He would still be near us and be with his cat friends.

  So, we will inter his ashes here.

Whenever the cats lounged at the Clubhouse, sometimes Bobby would join them too, but being blind, he would weave in the out of the flower beds, and end up settling down on the rocks. The cats enjoyed looking at Bobby walk on the rocks.

It will really take time to heal from missing Bobby. 16 years is a very long time. I will always remember how he would sit at the marble slab waiting for me to come home from work every day, being the first to greet me at the door, waiting for me outside the bathroom door and following me everywhere in the house because his duty was to protect me.

Much later, the kittens came one by one, and Bobby had the extra duty of protecting them as well.

One incident always brings a smile to my face. It was when Bunny was very small. Bobby was playing with Bunny while I was in the kitchen. Maybe Bunny didn't want to play anymore, so he decided to play dead. Bobby got so worried, he started barking in a strange way to catch my attention. I quickly went out to see what was happening, and I saw Bunny lying "dead" on the floor and Bobby looking extremely worried and trying to wake Bunny up. The moment I called Bunny's name, the naughty one stood up and walked away. Bobby was so relieved!

16 years, and so many of such heartwarming episodes to recall, remember and rejoice in.

When death happens to a loved one, somehow you'll garner all your strength to do the needful, which is often the last rites. After that only will you come to terms with the loss, you begin to miss your loved one and that's when you recall the memories of all the good times you've spent together. Then, you smile, and go on.


Joo Gyee said...

Dear Kah Yein,

Every post that I read regards Bobby's, i shed my tears...And i agreed with what u did, to interring his ashes in your back garden, he's now together with his old buddy Max, Vixey, & many many others watching over your family in a happy realm.

Goodbye uncle Bob, We shall meet again.

loh lay peng said...

Dear Sis,i agreed with u its not easy but be strong.its time to practise the is a condition for u to practise.Banthe Catamalo used to tell us to take every down turn as a condition for us to practise.May U N Family N Kitties Be Well N Happy.(listen to the Metta will make u feel better).

H said...

Dear Dr Chan,

Reading your post I can almost imagine what you are going through now. Yes, 16 years is a very long time to be with the love of your life, best friend and protector; in Bobby's lifetime is almost 80 human years.

Your last rite for Bobby was simply beautiful and intimate. Just like what Bobby would have wanted. Surrounded with all the most important beings in his life, simple and unassuming just like Bobby was. Bobby if a person would be a very zen person; full of wisdom, caring, patient, protective and has an excellent sense of humour about everything that is going around and with him. He's such a goofy fella in the way he carried himself around all his felines brothers and sister as well as buddies; testimony of an easy going, pleasant and full sense of humour kind of being.

Everyone who had read about Bobby will and have been smitten by him. He is truly loved, admired and adored by far by many. You are blessed Dr Chan, now you carry all the beautiful, wonderful, happy episodes and memories deep within your soul; when things get rough and tough you can always fall back on the happy moments you had with Bobby to make you feel full and loved all over again. Bobby has given you a gift of unconditional love and affection although the eyes cannot see but it's a seed of happiness within you. Now you'll always have the happy place in your heart when the cares of the world is wearing you down. Bobby is taking good care of you even though he has gone to another realm.

Now that you'll burying his ashes in your back garden; Bobby will always be near in his 2nd most favourite place in the world and his first favourite place was when you was holding him in your arms. From all the pictures that you took of him he is the happiest when he was prancing about in the garden sniffing the plants and flowers enjoying the grass beneath his feet and feeling the ray of sunshine all over him. It's your greatest tribute to him from you to have his ashes in his beloved garden.

I'm simply reflecting how I felt when I loss a loved one, I have all my furry babies all around our home ground, so we will always know where they are; close to home. The episodes of happy moments are the best ones, everytime when I walk up the stairs to go sleep at night I still can feel and see in my mind eyes one of my cats running ahead of me racing up to the bedroom happily and smiling and it make me smile although I miss her a lot but it is a happy feeling; it's her unconditional love radiating to me through my happy memories of her; and so are other episodes of happy moments with my other furry babies in various part of our home. Maybe that's why when we go out we can't wait to get home, as it is filled with presence of our loves ones living and gone. Our home is complete. Our sanctuary.

Take good care of yourself Dr Chan. Give my love and hugs to all your furry babies at home.

Thank you for sharing the memories of Bobby with the rest of us.


Reenna said...

Dr Chan,

Its have been a while since I last read your blog and I am very shocked to learn that Bobby has passed away. Tears streaming down my cheek to read your posts about him. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Although I have only read your posts about Bobby and the cats for quite some time now, its like i have known them for years. Please dont be sad Dr Chan. Bobby is now in a better place watching you and praying for you ...You have done a good job and he will always be thankful to you.

Take care Dr Chan!

Yen Chian said...

Hi Dr Chan,

I haven't been on in computers for a few days now. I must have miss the day when Bobby passed away. When I read through your blog yesterday evening, to be honest, I was shocked to hear and read the news about Bobby. I know Bobby is old and he will passed on soon but I never knew it will be this fast. Bobby sure will be in my memories too as he was the dog who actually make me confident that dogs too, can be with cats. He make me have the spirit to continue, to make my dog have a relation with cats. I was scared but he is the one who make me make the first step.

Now I am having a successful step to make dogs and cats as friends. Is all thanks to Bobby and other books, information and all but I want to express my condolences to you and my prayers to Bobby. I hope he is having a happy life across the rainbow bridge now. Once again, sorry if I type a lot but please accept my deepest condolences.


selvanayahi said...

Dear Dr Chan
It has been quite some time since the last time i read your blog. And i was shocked to see that Bobby left us. I can stop my tears since... My deepest condolence to you and family. I know you are a strong lady and can overcome this but... 16 years?? As you always mentioned, all our beloved furry friends who depart from our world will be patiently waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

I would like to share something here...One of my rabbit died when he was 6yrs old. I still remember, me and my husband called James,Pet Memorial Services and James did everything from A-Z. My beloved Brownie's last rite was done with all respect. I'm still keeping all 3 rabbit's ashes with me. I truly can understand what you are goin thru now.

Dr Chan, Bobby is 1 of the lucky ones that gain your true love and in return his loyalty will protect you and family for many more generations to come. Trust me on this. You have done your very best for Bobby throughout his lifetime, what else a living being need beyond this? Hope he's enjoying there with my Brownie Jr, Rabbit and Gandolf. Take Care Dr Chan.

Devi Narayanan said...

I have no words to console you Kah Yein as I cant even console my ownself. I am totally lost for words.

chankahyein said...

Don't worry, Devi, and thank you. I can accept death as I know living and dying is part of life.

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much, Selva.

Mandy Chee said...

Dear Kah Yein,

It's been some time since I last read your blog and today I stumbled upon your blog again. I'm saddened by Bobby's passing, but Bobby is lucky to have lived a full life over the 16 years with you and your family and is unconditionally loved. My condolence to you KY.

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Mandy. I'm comforted that Bobby lived a full life doing lots of good deeds.

Veronica said...

Dear Dr Chan,

Our deepest condolences to you & family & his furry pals.

So sad for your lost. He's one great dog.