Saturday, September 29, 2012

We love QIUT...for a change

No child will eat the same thing over and over, and over and over, and most children need a change of taste once in a while.

The same goes for cats, especially fussy ones like these...

 But what's the problem? They appear to be eating quite happily...

 Yes, and that's only because they are eating something different.

 And what might that be?

 A change of diet and taste...

Indy was the first to announce that he didn't want to eat home-cooked food anymore and preferred kibbles. I gave in a few weeks ago, but soon realised what a grave mistake that was because after a few weeks of daily kibbles (plus canned wetfood), Indy started limping again. Oh seemed like the old mysterious illness was coming back, so I had to remove kibbles from his diet with immediate effect.

But what to feed him then? He simply refused to eat home-cooked food. I had no other choice but to give him Natural Balance wetfood. At least it's not kibbles.

When I took Indy off kibbles totally, he went on a hunger strike, but relented soon after some coaxing and coercing.

As though taking the cue from Indy, Tiger and Tabs and even Cow started getting tired of eating home-cooked food. Rather than put up with more cats on hunger strike, I just reverted to letting them go on a Natural Balance eating spree.

But too much of the same taste is boring, so I started looking for other options. I remember Dr Susanna recommending Qiut. It is pure red tuna and contains no jelly.

I managed to get a few cans and yes, they loved it!


And yes, it does make kitties happy...especially those who are picky and fussy eaters.

So now, at least I have Qiut as a "reserve" but their staple canned food is still Natural Balance. I'm slowly re-introducing home-cooked food. Bunny, Pole and Cleo faithfully still eat home-cooked and were not influenced by Indy's announcement or hunger strike. That's a consolation for me. The rest will only eat home-cooked if I alternate it with canned food.

And after 3-4 days of Natural Balance, I give them Qiut for a change and they lick the platter spotlessly clean! It's just red tuna but they totally love it.


Devi Narayanan said...

Yes, Dr Suzanne gave Qiut catfood to Seenu as a treat for his good behavior during all the acupuncture sessions. All my 24 cats love them. Seenu's siblings go on strike when Qiut catfood go out of stock.

Sri Kota in Brickfields now sells at RM2.90 per can. Initially when I recommended to the supervisor there, he imported & sold at RM2.60 per can. I was also told the price is going to increase by 30 or cents soon.

But Bangsar Village sold for RM3.80 per can few years back. Now the price could be more expensive.

melle said...

Thanks for posting this up. I rotate-feed my cats raw food with Natural Balance wet food and kibbles (two meals a week).

Yes, even animals get bored eating the same food, same flavours day in, day out. My cats would sniff the plate of food and walk away without even a lick or bite. -_-

Good to know I can give an alternative wet food.

Joy E. Saga said...

The tabby in the picture on the can, looks a lot like Tabs! ;)

My cats LOVE Qiut too, and the strays too get it when i deworm them (add drops of dewormer into Qiut, one tablespoon per cat :)

Devi Narayanan said...

I checked in Sri Kota & the price has gone up by 10 cents, making it to RM3/-per can