Thursday, September 6, 2012

In loving memory of Bobby (October 1996 - 6th September 2012)

As Bobby lay resting peacefully by my side now with his feline friends beside him, I want to celebrate his wonderful life and everything he had done for us through the years.

This is my pictorial tribute to Bobby.

 November 1996




 Bobby's first encounter with kittens, Cow, Bunny and Pole.

 What makes a male dog so compassionate to tiny kittens?

 It was something very natural in Bobby.

 When Tiger first came, the rest bullied him, so Bobby protected little Tiger.

 Looking after Vixey and Wii.

 Making sure Vixey ate her food after she returned from the clinic.

 Taking care of Indy when his life hung by the thread.

 Bobby helped foster every single kitten that I brought back.
He was always near and he was always very concerned about their wellbeing.

 Looking after Suki as the mischievous one explored the garden.

 With Peanut, Butter and Jelly, and Teddy and Xiao Li.

 With Bandit.

It is quite amazing how every single kitten instinctively trusted Bobby and found comfort being near him.

 Bobby provided the warmth that all these kittens missed from their mothers.

 With the Sunnies, Rex, Fox and Honeybear.

 With the Blueys, Baloo and Baggy.

 When Bobby started becoming blind, Cow, Bunny and Tiger looked after him.

Cow's duty was to take Bobby to his foodbowl every day.

 Bunny and Tiger shielded Bobby from bumping into the furniture.

 The cats were always ever grateful.

 Tiger was especially close to Bobby.


 I shall definitely miss feeding Bobby.



 Bobby exploring in the garden (photo taken in June this year). Although blind, he adjusted to our new house. Bobby had always been very accommodating. He never gave us any problems. He only gave us love.

 A thousand words would not be able to describe what Bobby means to us and how much he has done for us.

In the last few years, my children nicknamed Bobby "Loyal Dog".

Yes, these two words will suffice.

Our ever "Loyal Dog".


loh lay peng said...

Rest In Peace Uncle Bobby.Wherever Bobby May Be,May He Be Well N Happy

Fui Chin Khoo said...

R.I.P. Dear Bobby

Chen said...

Goodbye Bobby! Me and many people will miss you. You have lived a good and beautiful life.

BoBo Salem said...

we surely badly will miss u
very very much
and forever...

Bern said...

Dear Dr. Chan, Bobby's life has been such a full one, full of love given and received. I only met him a few times, but i feel your lost, and this news saddens me. We know he has been reborn...A new life awaits him as we celebrate this one that he has left behind with us. Wherever he is now, in whatever lifeforms, i share my merits with him. With much love, Bern and Don.

Akmar said...

Though I've only read about Bobby for a short period of time, but these pictures bring tears to my eyes.. R.I.P. Bobby..

Joo Gyee said...

U had a wonderful life Bobby with such a good family! We shall meet again in rainbow bridge.

Always miss u

Mei Leng said...

RIP, dear bobby -- from perky.

Asmida said...

Dr.Chan, i am a silent reader of your blog since a year ago and i never post a comment. i must tell you how i thanked you very much for giving me such awareness for loving animals. I started to feed stray cats in my neighbourhood and school ( i'm a teacher in pasir Gudang, Johor)and i teach my pupils to love and being nice to animals too. reading about your cats and Bobby always giving me various, funny, sad sometimes.. but today reading about the demise of Bobby really make me sad. i can't stop crying looking at the photos. i am surely missing Bobby. you have done a great job of taking care of him and gave him bunches of love. My condolences to you and your family.

Catherina said...

Bobby will always be missed by all. I share your lost and all your kitties lost, Dr Chan. Now Bobby will be looking down on us from up above. He will always be your guardian angel. No matter where you are now, hope you are well and happy. You have spent your life so meaningful and you have brought so much joy to so many.

JOE NG said...

May you remembering his wonderful living with you and your family...... as well as me tooo...cos I always follow his news and what a loving dog. May you live up for all furry frens

Fenton said...

RIP, uncle Bob. You have indeed lived a worthy life!

chankahyein said...

Thank you, everyone, for your very kind wishes. Bobby is indeed blessed to receive so much love from all of you.

melle said...

Love the photos. An exemplary pictorial story of true animal love and loyalty where words aren't needed.

zally said...

RIP Bobby..we all love you very much..

Irene said...

Beautiful wishes to Bobby's new life with pretty white wings looking after the other animals that has passed on to the rainbow bridge and I am sure Mac will be happy to greet you.

Bobby's life story has been truly inspiring.

Zamzaliza said...

RIP Uncle Bobby :(

Mrs Wong said...

Hi Kah Yein, I know how sad you must be now that Bobby has left you. Even I had tears in my eyes, reading through your last blog. Treasure the memories you have of him, and be comforted that he's happier and healthier now where he has gone.

Much love,
Mrs Wong

H said...

Dear Dr Chan,

No words can describe how wonderful Bobby is to you and all in your family especially his felines brothers and sisters. Bobby is truly a lovely, beautiful and loyal soul that ever grace the lives of all us whom had been following your blog.

We laughed and we cried through his ups and downs and most of all we celebrate the wonderful joys that he brings into our lives even though we have never met him personally. Bobby had planted a wonderful memories for all us who has come to know about him. I deeply and truly believes that his life in this earth had been a wonderful good joyous one and pleasant with you as his Mom here on earth and the companionship of his feline brothers and sisters. We thank him and salute his life for being a part of our lives and forever be remembered in our hearts.

Our deepest condolences to you and all in your family and we too will miss Bobby tremendously. Hope you will be granted the strength and the peace in this time of bereavement.

You and your family will always be in our prayers.

Kind regards.
H and family

Michelle said...

Hi Dr Chan,

Just read your blog with regards to Bobby passing on. I hope you are coping well.
I do admit is easier said then done especially losing the greatest companion in life.
I follow your blog almost everyday. I even read your books from those days when
Bobby was still a pup. Bobby in this life has accumulated significant good karma for himself
by practising compassion to others. He was more than willing to help and nurture other sick beings
and stood by those weaker ones. I am very positive he will be reborn to a better being in his next life.

I cried many times reading your blog and books. Bobby has always been a mentor for me in life.
Not even a single soul can replace Bobby's deed. Even more so when a normal human being is not able to practise compassion to others.
Bobby is one of the greatest and most compassionate being on earth. I have read some Buddhist books distributed by temples.
People who practises compassion to others will always be a better being in life or after life. May he now be free from any suffering.
He may now be making some new friends "up there" and he is able to see and hear again after so long. He may be running freely and chasing kittens around.

I am not good at advising or consoling but i know one thing for sure. Bobby is at a better place right now and he is already free from any form of suffering.

Michelle & Lydia (mum)

Karmen said...

Dear Dr. Chan,

Very sorry to hear of Bobby's passing. I've only just checked your blog this week.

I've shed my tears too for your loyal, generous companion. May he be happy over the rainbow bridge. Rusky will look after him there too. The void will always be felt but that's how much they meant to us.

Lots of love,

CWoon said...

RIP Bobby :(

seokthien said...

Dear Dr Chan,
Just read that Bobby has gone to Rainbow Bridge. _/\_ Amituofo

KL said...

Dr. Chan,

I am so sorry to hear about Bobby's passing. He was a great dog to all of us readers.. I will definitely miss reading about him. He is truly myanimalcare's little mascot- giving unconditional love and care to every being without discrimination.

Here's to hoping he quickly finds Max and all his feline friends at the Rainbow Bridge!

RIP Bobby dear.

Sandy said...

May you be reborn to a higher realm, Bobby. May you be well and happy always.

Ben Cheong said...

My condolences to you and your family. RIP Bobby.

Belinda said...

Dear Dr. chan, thank you so much for sharing Bobby's life with us through words and pictures. I will miss reading about him. May he rest in peace and God bless.