Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bunny's updates...and Tabs' too

So how is Bunny so far?

He seems okay though I had not taken his temperature again. I'll do it tomorrow. So far, he has been eating very well so that 's a good sign.

 Bunny in his famous Jabba-the-Hut pose.

 Poor Cow, he must be feeling quite sorry for what he had done because he kept coming to me with this pitiful face and rubbing himself on my arm.

 Tabs had a good rest in the afternoon.

 And so did Brave Sister.

This evening I was out for a public talk, and by the time I got back, everyone asked for supper. I know it's a bad habit and I'm still trying to break it, but for now, they get kibbles as a snack.

 Everyone came except Tabs.

The poor girl was hiding behind the condo. I gave her some kibbles, but she didn't even dare eat.

 I'm scared...

Poor little Tabs. We've been carrying her quite a lot today to help her regain her confidence. The cat politics will have to settle on its own (to a peaceful state) but we humans can help make it happen sooner...hopefully.

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