Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Furminator arrives!

I've long wanted to buy a Furminator, but didn't know how to get one until my friend, Cathy, sent me the website a few days ago. It's a cat de-shedding tool that can purportedly reduce shedding up to 90%.

A few days ago, Indy started vomiting his food and it turned out to be a case of hairball. Two days of Laxatone seemed to have addressed the problem and I was told that the Furminator could reduce hairball as well, besides making the cat shed less.  Just to sidetrack a little, I know of a case where a vet's cat died of undetected hairball problem. Hairball cannot be detected via ultrasound or X-Ray. This poor cat died and the post-mortem revealed that it was due to hairball. Scary, isn't it?

So, I ordered the Furminator on Sunday and voila...it arrived today by Skynet. Just two days.

Here is where I got it from: Cats Garden: http://www.catsgarden.com.my/index.php/cPath/41_43_50

I ordered the one for small cat with short hair.

 What new gadget is this?

 Is it for me?

 Pole was immediately on red alert.

Calling everyone - CODE RED! CODE RED! There is an unidentified object in the room. It looks dangerous. Do not approach the object. I repeat, do not approach the object at all costs. 

I took the Furminator out of its plastic cover and before I could even pick my first victim, I mean, cat, Pole ran for her life! She probably thought it was a murder weapon.

 The first "victim" seemed to enjoy being furminated!

 Nice, eh?

 The blue furjector injects the fur out of the comb.

Next target....

 Tiger was scared and he ran off, but I cornered him....

Easy does it...

 Hmm...nice, yes?

 Don't worry, Tiger, it's harmless. I've got myself done already. It's actually very comfortable. Sure beats us having groom ourselves and getting fur all over our tongue.

Trust Tabs to always know what to say.

Who is next?

 The Bunnyphant (the least ferocious of the Cow Clan).

By now, word had got around that the unidentified object was most probably a murder weapon, so Cow had run off to hide in the rattan trunk. Pole monitored close by but kept a safe distance from the suspicious object.

I tried it on Cleo, but just one stroke, and she ran for her life.

Pole was nearby, frantically trying to protect her daughter from being attacked by the treacherous-looking weapon.

 But Bunny didn't seem to have received the red alert. Why, he even rolled over to let me do his belly.

 Some tufts of furminated Bunny fur.

 Bunny LIKES!

 This is your fur, Bunny.

 Indy's next.

 Indy was fine with it too.

 But soon, Bunny came over to pick a fight.

That's MY Furminator, not yours. Give it back!

Bunny has been on a warpath for the past week, always looking for opportunity to pick a fight, especially with poor Tabs.

I had to stop the fight before anyone got hurt, so that's all the Furminator news for now, folks.

Cow and Cleo will probably relent after a few days, I hope.


Er...that one is going to be mighty hard. But who knows?


Mei Leng said...

i have a furminator for my two bunnies too and it is very useful.

Iza Mohd Isa said...

Wow Dr Chan,nice! I must get one also for my 13 cats ^0^

Huey said...

Oh I have a FURminator too! Alex got it for me from the U.S. Super like it, and the dogs love it too! :D

Maneki Neko said...

Whoa, look at the amount of fur that thing is collecting! That might add years to the life of my vacuum.

BlackieAsh said...

Interesting!!! Must get one for my cats