Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Further Furminator news!

So, after having succeeded in furminating a most willing target, Tabs, and the other not-so-willing-but-we-don't-mind-and-anyway-do-we-have-a-choice targets, namely, Indy, Tiger and Bunny, I decided to try my luck with the terrible threesome from the Cow Clan, namely Cow, Cleo and Pole (in ascending order of "difficult-to-handle").

Amongst the three, Cow would be the "easiest", so here goes...

Shh...he was sleeping.

 Hah! He took to it like duck to water. No complaints, no hissing...actually, no movement. Did he even know, I wonder...

Er, we only did one side, of course. I consider this a total success. After all, it's Cow.

 Bunny was nearby to show off his furminated coat.

 Cleo was also sleeping, so I tried my luck as well.

Slight I also only did one side of the body, but what do you know...

 She turned over to let me do the other side!

 Ok, but don't push your luck.

 Ok, your Royal Cleoness, we're done. Thank you oh-s0 much.

 Er...hello there, Pole.

Would you, by any chance...give your consent to being groomed?

 Come what may, I tried my luck.


 Hmm...slowly does it. Just a few gentle strokes.

 Heh heh...that's Pole's furminated fur!

Cathy said her cats could be bribed into being furminated, so why not?

 It's everyone's favourite treat.

I took it out from the cupboard as quietly as I could and opened the cover. Cleo, Indy, Bunny and Tabs heard the familiar sound and came towards me.

 Her Royal Poleness remain in her condo, unperturbed.

When offered, she politely refused. Three times.

You think it's so easy to buy my heart? 

 I don't mind being furminated as long as I get a treat every time. 

 The furminated two.

 What, again? 



 A happy customer.

 Another happy customer!


Chen said...

The funny expressions on your cats are so priceless. Had a good laugh. Thanks.

I brush my kitties with a slicker brush since kittens to get rid of excessive hair. Both of them love the brushing session and no treats are needed because the brushing itself is the treat. All I need to do is say "brush, brush" and knock the slicker brush a few times, they come to me trying to be the first. But they like only the small slicker brush with that ends with white rounded tips. I tried a different brush that got an easier to cleaning mechanism, but they did not like it much because it does not have the white rounded ends.

melle said...

Every night or so, I give my cat, Belle a good brush with metal flea comb. She loves it - shows by butting her head against my palm. I get a good tuft of loose hair during the first round and significantly less hair 2nd round.

This is the first time I've heard about furminator. And from the looks of it, it works well with the amount of loose hair. Hehe.

Totally love your story on furminating your furry brood.

Linda Low said...

Wow, all the kitties looked well groomed!!