Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who is "Doris Day" in our home?

Once in a while, Pole gets into a goofy mode and starts dashing around in straight lines, in a zigzag manner. The first time I took it seriously and carted her down to PJ for an emergency was when she darted from one litter-box to the next trying to urinate but could not do so. I thought her bladder was blocked, so I rushed her down to the PJ clinic. It was found that there was no blocked bladder but to play it safe, the vet prescribed antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory, both of which I never succeeded giving her since she'd rather die before being fed with any medication. And by that evening, she was already urinating like any normal cat!

The next round, after a few weeks, she did that litter-box act again, dashing from litter-box to litter-box and getting into the squat position but there was no urine. This round, I resisted getting into panic mode. So I observed her and found that she was actually able to urinate much later, after all her dashing around ended.

Nowadays, we've learned that Pole gets into these episodes every once in a while. When she does, she behaves in a really goofy manner, dashing around in panic mode, hiding under the sheets, going from one litter-box to another. It's almost like she is running around because some imaginary figure is chasing her. Sometimes she would hide from "someone", but there is nobody going after her.

It reminds us of the character Dory in Finding Nemo, so we call her "Doris Day" when she goes goofy like this. Er, no offence to the legendary actress, of course.

Pole got into her Doris Day mode this evening and I took some photos:

 Gone into hiding.

 Watcha doin', Pole?

 Oh,'s gone all Dory....again!

 Shh...I'm hiding...shh, don't tell anyone where I am.

Dash into litter-box, dash out, go to next litter-box, repeat.

 A quick groom, and it's back to the show.

 Here's a's all part of my Pole Show act...shh.
They love it, and my ratings go up! 

Excuse me now, I got to dash around again.


Alicia said...

Snowy does dashes like that but its her way of playing catch me if you can.

Something came to me when I read "Oh, oh….mom’s gone all Dory….again!".
Who is Cleo's dad?

chankahyein said...

We don't know who Cleo's dad is. Cow, Bunny and Pole were my first cat rescues, so I was slow in getting her spayed. When I brought her, she was 7 months old and early pregnancy was detected. So, I let her deliver first. Cleo's dad must be one of our old neighbourhood tomcats.

Yen Ling said...

Self-entertainment :). All pets do that sometimes. Just make sure they don't over-ly exhaust themselves out. I got to control Jack when he dash around the house. Call me paranoid, I'm actually afraid of heart attacks in pets.