Thursday, August 11, 2011

Indy's blood test and urine test results

Indy's blood test shows his creatinine and urea are within the normal range. The urine results done at the lab shows normal pH and no presence of any protein in the urine at all (hooray). BUT....the initial test at the clinic (done with a test kit, and hence, may not be accurate) showed the presence of protein. Two possible explanations:

1.  There was protein in his urine, but these got broken down by the time the urine reached the lab.
2.  There was no protein in his urine.

We won't know for sure which of the above is correct.  

However, the slightly elevated readings are in the albumin and globulin. It's the globulin that we need to be concerned about since increased globulins can lead to kidney damage. There is no way to ascertain why the globulins are slightly higher. Intake of antibiotics could also cause this to happen and Indy was on antibiotics last two weeks.  

So for now, there is really nothing that I can do, unless I want to play it REAL safe and start Indy on Royal Canin Renal and give him Omega-3 and Omega-6, which I am. Already bought the Renal food and I have already started him on Nutricote two days ago.

The vet suggests just monitoring him and repeating the blood test in 5-6 months. 

Since yesterday, Indy has been dwelling in the shrine room all day. Maybe he read my mind and he knows I think he is sick, so he decided he should rest there.  

When I came home from the clinic, he was sitting on the window sill downstairs (something he had never done before), as though waiting for me to come home to tell him the news?

Aren't they just SO adorable?

The vet says there is nothing to worry about for now. So, it's just monitoring his condition for the next few months and hope that there is no kidney damage. 

But there is a crazy thing that we can do and that would be to do a biopsy of the membrane that acts as a filter in the kidneys but this would require surgery, and it really is absolutely unnecessary because if it shows any early signs of kidney damage, there is also nothing that we can do about it. If it shows no damage, it still does not explain the elevated levels of globulin. So we won't do anything that crazy and unnecessary.

Well, one day at a time then.  That's life.   

As Shakespeare says, there are more things in heaven and earth that are dreamt of in our philosophy.  

Indy eating the Royal Canin Renal. Luckily, he likes least for now.


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