Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My personal bodyguard

I've always had this dream (and it is likely to remain so) of having a big tiger (yes, those real orange-coloured ones that you find in the jungles of Malaysia) as a pet. One whom I could take for walks without a leash and who would walk beside me, and I won't even have to lock the doors at night because my pet tiger would be on guard. 

But...of course, that isn't possible in this lifetime since I have no plans of migrating to live in the jungle.

Little did I know I actually already have a smaller version of my dream-come-true...

Yes, this is my personal bodyguard, and coincidentally, he is called Tiger, too.

This morning, since it's a public holiday, I thought I should go for a walk around the neighbourhood, something I have not done for a long, long time. As I headed out down the road, Indy and Pole followed. I know they would usually do this, but they would stop after a few houses. 

But as I reached the end of the road, Tiger came trotting after me, and he was meowing very loudly. I knew he was trying to get me to come home as that's about as far as the cats would go. Beyond that point, it is already considered crossing into enemy territory, and one may not be safe anymore. So, Tiger meowed and meowed for me to return.  

I had no choice. I couldn't let him worry, so I turned back and we both walked back to the house. No, actually, we FOUR walked back - Tiger, Pole, Indy and me.

Then, I thought maybe I could sneak off up the road instead when Tiger's not looking.  

So I tried....

No way...I could not get away with this either.  

Tiger came trotting after me, this time with Indy and Pole as well, so three cats came after me, urging me with meows to get home and not cross the boundary.

I just had to turn around and go home with them.  

I mean, HOW could anyone disappoint these sweet little things, right?

I guess just as we create boundaries for their safety, they also do that for us.  

Just as we impose our rules on them (for their own good), they also do that for us (for our own good), and we just have to respect and appreciate them for it.

My son took this photo this afternoon when I was dead tired and had plonked on the floor for a nap. I didn't know Cow, Tiger and Bobby had joined me too! Notice that Tiger is on guard and not sleeping.

P.S. Cow was in a cranky mood this afternoon and bit Ming-Yi real hard on the hand. It bled in spurts. I had to take her for a tetanus jab! Now, Cow is feeling real bad about it and he is camping outside Ming-Yi's door, meowing softly.  

Life is never boring....


Huey said...

I actually had a dream of me having a tiger as a close friend and I was brushing his teeth with my boyfriend. The dream was so vivid that I decided to buy lottery, something that I have never done my entire life. LOL! And I actually almost strike - 2nd prize, except that I bought the wrong number. HAHAHAHAHA!

HweiMynn said...

Yikes. Hope she's alright after Cow's surprise gift!

chankahyein said...

She got a fright when she saw the blood spurting out, but she's ok now. The tetanus jab should protect her. Thanks!