Thursday, August 4, 2011

Morning cheers for Karuna!

I have just spoken to my mum. She says Karuna is very well-behaved and did not bark last night (that's a relief, because previously, some neighbours had complained about Sean and Tara's barking). She is so well-behaved, she just slept by the door all night and in the morning, was very happy to see my mum and accompanied her while she (my mum) did her taiqi. 

The only thing is that Karuna refused to eat the dry food last night (that's because we pampered her with wetfood!). But this morning, she ate it already (the dry food).

My mum says there is no need for any cage now (we were planning to buy one so that when my mum reverses the car, Karuna can be kept safely in the cage). Mum will just leash her when she drives out as she doesn't go out for too long.  

At other times, Karuna will get to roam freely in the driveway and porch.  

My mum says Karuna has a itch and has been scratching. She will put some ointment for Karuna. 

Karuna seems very happy.

We are so glad.  

I know it is almost impossible to find a home for such an old dog, but if you know of anyone who might like to adopt Karuna, please contact me at


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