Thursday, August 11, 2011

Visiting Karuna

Here are some pictures taken over two trips to my mum's place:

 Hi, Karuna!

 My children and husband, meeting Karuna for the first time.

 My mum is concerned why Karuna sits this way (look at her hind legs). She cannot seem to stretch her legs out. But I think it's a small worry for such an old dog. Still, I'll ask the vets when I next see them.

 But she can sit this way, which looks more comfortable.

 There's no need for a cage because my mum would just leash her at the grille when she goes out to buy groceries, which is just for a short while.

Friends and companions to each other.

Karuna gets a walk to the park every morning or evening. She gets chicken and rice for lunch and kibbles for dinner. My parents are vegetarians, but my mum specially cooks chicken for Karuna and Karuna also gets to eat their wild rice with barley. Organic stuff....

Karuna has put on weight, too.  

Hey Karuna...see you soon!

Karuna is still up for adoption. If interested, please contact me at


yenney92 said...

is there something wrong when they often sit with their hind legs unstretched? my dog always do.

chankahyein said...

I've checked with the vet. He said it could be arthritis. For Karuna, she is really old, so that's ok.

yenney92 said...

i see, for my dog, she's probably just around 2 years old. is it possible?

chankahyein said...

Best to bring your dog to a vet and let the vet examine her.