Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Karuna goes to the vet's

My mum called this morning to say there were blood stains on where Karuna lies on the floor, so it's off to the vet's for Karuna today.

 She has wounds again, and this time, it's due to pressure on her body as a result of lying down too much. Her fur was shaven, and the wound cleaned with water. 

There was also already a layer of "air" between the skin and the flesh, and this skin would have to be cut. 

Karuna was muzzled and the vet proceeded to cut the skin off. Can't use any sedative as she did not take the  anaesthesia well the last time. Karuna was calm throughout and did not put up any struggle at all. 

 Bad skin all cut off. Povidone iodine paste to be applied on it. Antibiotics to cover any possible infection.

 Karuna has an ear infection as well (she's had it since the last time she was at the clinic). Ear-drops for this.

The underside of her body is VERY oily. This is due to seborrhea where the skin secretes too much oil. Malaseb shampoo can be used, but we'll not do this yet. Velcote for healthier skin. 

Karuna is very arthritic due to old age, so a glucosamine equivalent (called UC-II) was prescribed. This product is actually cartillage from chicken breast and is a new product.   

What Karuna needs is not to lie down so much, and to walk a bit more. But how do you tell an old lady to do that?  She is estimated to be 11-12 years old now. 

Well, we'll just do what we can and hope those pressure wounds will heal. 

Walk a bit more, Karuna?

Old age...we'll all get there one day!


Anonymous said...

If you order the Human Grade Type 5 Collagen powder (made from breast cartilage of young chicken, available in capsules too) through the internet, it is so much cheaper. Safer and more effective and has non of the terrible side effects of Glucosamine n Chondroitin to regenerate new cartilage in Karuna. I researched and found out about this and it seems Olympics athletes use this advanced treatment for joint injuries and it is so much more effective and safer. The vet can order this easily, but you can also order this yourself by getting a approval letter from Pharmaceutical Division, Ministry of Health. You write them an application letter and state the product indication how much you will be needing each year. Good luck!

I avoid European collagen products made from cow skin, etc for fear of mad cow disease. Use the American chicken ones, they are more superior.

That is why you find Glucosamine n Chondroitin products selling off cheap in health stores, because now people are going for safer collagen powder. Do not buy any collagen powder/products in Malaysia, they repackage and sell for a bomb. Buy direct from America thru the internet, with approval letter obtained from Pharmacy section, MOH opposite Section 17, PJ.

Do a Google for cheapest price and buy from a reliable online store. Very, very much cheaper and get better purer quality.

Anonymous said...

Any news on Citta?? I meant the dog with his nose cut off.

chankahyein said...

Citta ought to be fine, I think. She is MDDB's case, so you can probably get updates on her in their blog and facebook.