Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pole fights back

Last night, after what I thought would be a peaceful night where Pole had taken one of the tshirt boxes as her bed, there was an "episode" in the room.  It happened too fast to be caught on camera, though.

So, there was Pole, sleeping peacefully in the tshirt box while Bunny was on his pink box, as usual, both in the same room. 

No issue with that. 

Cow came in and wondered why Pole, of all people, was in the room, so he neared the box to look and check if it was really Pole.

Pole got up and hissed. Then she growled. Real fiercely.

Before I knew it, Bunny, poor thing, was so afraid, he jumped off his pink box and ran out for his life!

He was so scared, he slept out in the porch all night.  

 Pole, after the hissing and growling episode last night.
Nobody's taking my tshirt box away from me!

This morning, all was well again....

 Bunny was back for breakfast as usual. Raw chicken followed by kibbles.

 But on the way out after breakfast, Bunny decided to take it out on poor Indy.

There was a stand-off, which we humans intercepted. Note Indy's fluffed-up tail.
Indy ran upstairs to hide and Bunny ran out of the house.

Sorry, but did I start this?

No, Cow, not you. Don't worry...

Er....did I miss anything?

And with that, we wish you all "Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin" and may there be peace on earth!
(Since there can be peace even in the animal kingdom!)

P.S. Later, my son said he saw Indy carrying a squirrel all the way from upstairs and he ran out the window downstairs. I know only female cats hunt. Maybe Indy found the squirrel from somewhere and he wanted to take it back out to the garden? We won't know....

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