Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Karuna goes to her new home!

I spoke with my mother this morning, if there was any possibility that she could foster or even adopt Karuna. My mum had helped foster Tara and Sean last year - both had distemper and were our rescues from the Klang Dog Pound. Tara and Sean have since been adopted into good homes.

I was worried ever since the temple told me that the wild dog who attacked and bit Karuna had gone up to the temple to look for Karuna. Karuna is tied at the back of the kitchen and wouldn't be able to defend herself should she be attacked again. A next attack may just prove to be fatal. Karuna needed to be in a home where she would be safe.

To cut a long story short, my mum said "okay". She would foster Karuna and should anyone want to adopt her later, Karuna could go to her new home. But if we cannot find any adopter for Karuna, Karuna can stay on with her.

This was absolutely fantastic! I informed Chong and Bro James from the temple.  

So, after coming back from Mr Huan's laboratory, I drove over to the temple to collect Karuna. Harsha and everyone else at the temple were already informed earlier. Of course Harsha felt sad to part with Karuna, but everyone understood that it would be for Karuna's safety that she goes to a home where she would be safe from the wild dog pack.  

I took Karuna from the back of the kitchen and led her to see Harsha to say "thank you". 

 Karuna went into my car willingly. I had prepared the back seat for her.

 Bye, Bro Harsha...thank you for saving my life.

This is Karuna's saviour, Harsha. 

Harsha has a phobia of dogs since young, but when the need arises, compassion defies the odds.

 Karuna was very comfortable in the car. Even Harsha told me so when they brought her back from the clinic. She didn't want to sit at the back, so she came in front and sat with me.

We drove to Bukit Rimau. Karuna was very excited and occasionally tried to take over the wheel from me!

 Here's Karuna entering the gates of her new home, my mother's.

I had bought her a new leash and shampoo (to give her a bath!).

 My mother patting and welcoming Karuna.

 Karuna seemed to be right at home.
She is definitely a former pet.

 She was so well-behaved when I gave her a bath. Here's Karuna after the bath.

 Eating the wetfood Sis Wendy had brought to the temple earlier.

 We took her off the leash so that she could roam around the house compound.

 Getting used to the house.

 Karuna seemed happy.

 She didn't want her dry food after having tasted the wetfood!

 You stay here, Karuna, and be happy. You're safe now.

Rolling over to let my mum pat her belly.

Mum says she will give Karuna the necessary supplements and food to make her look good again. 

But most importantly, Karuna is now safe in a home. No more fear of the wild dogs attacking her.


Winnie Low said...

Thank you aunty (KahYein's mom) for fostering/adopting Karuna. She sure deserves a place as such to call home. Home sweet home, Karuna : ) two thumbs up for aunty.

Anonymous said...

SO happy that Karuna has a home now.God bless your mum for her compassion.