Friday, August 19, 2011

Bunny is missing

I fed Bunny his breakfast today, at 5.30am and again, at 6.30am when Bobby came down. Ever since then, I have not seen him.

I have looked up and down and road and everywhere inside the house. All my five cats are around, but Bunny is missing.

This is Bunny's latest photo, taken just days ago.

Cow had been attacking him for the past few days, and a neighbour said she saw Bunny fighting with another cat outside her gate last night. 

But I fed Bunny this morning and all seemed well.

Please help me pray that Bunny will come back soon.

I have sent his photo to the shelter manager as well, in case he is found and someone brings him to the shelter.

I'm going to microchip all my animals. But I need to find Bunny first.  

Tsk...I'm already going to move to another house by the end of the year where we are going to have a proper cat space at the back. 

Bunny, please come home. 

He's gone missing twice before. Once, he went missing for 16 hours, but came back by nightfall. We mounted a search all over but could not find him at all. He was quite young then. He came back on his own. Another time, he also went missing and I alerted the shelter, but he also came back on his own.  

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BlueDaisy said...

Hi Kah Yein,

Thank goodness that Bunny is back.. as for your new home; maybe you can refer to this site to get some ideas... that is a cat's heaven.. ;o)