Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Karuna has a surprise visitor

Adelyn Yap wrote to me offering to help look in on Karuna as well so that it won't be so taxing on any one person to keep checking up on her. 

So, Adelyn went a-visiting this evening, after work:

Hi Dr. Chan,

I went to temple ard 7pm just now. Did some praying and then went to the back n saw Karuna. I got her a rawhide bone and a toy. I wanted to take her for a walk but there is no one around for me to ask for permission. Perhaps it's dinner time. I changed her water (from the sink i assume) and played with her. Poor girl was literally begging me to take her for a walk! I gave her a rub on top of her head & neck and she likes it. After 20 mins, i left and she was barking non stop :( I told her i will visit her again soon, either tomorrow or the day after. That's why i m still keeping the toy n did not give it to her yet.


Karuna is an old dog and she LOVES to have company.

She is currently all alone at the back of the temple. 

If you live in Subang Jaya and you are confident in handling an old dog (ie. you have no fear in you), please do visit Karuna at the Buddhist temple in SS13. Daytime visits would be good too, as the temple is open to the public. Karuna is at the back of the kitchen. Do please help to change her water bowl and give her fresh water. If you are not confident about taking her for a walk, please don't. We cannot risk having her run away (like Citta!) as the wild dogs there might attack her again and this time, it might be fatal.  

We are also helping the temple look for an adopter for Karuna. I know it's a very long shot, but let's try, shall we? 

We suspect Karuna is a former pet as she has already been previously spayed. She loves the company of humans and even the vets found her very sweet and adorable.  

She IS...an adorable "elderly lady"! 

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