Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pole takes back her condo

 Ever since Baggy fought for and established her "throne" in the garden...
 ...and took over this shelf,
 ...Pole reclaimed her condo!

 Yes, this is her favourite floor in her condo.
 She made sure she slept on all floors...a symbolic act of reclamation?
 Yes, Pole. It's yours again.
But Pole being the lady that she is, still allows Baggy to use this shelf to dine during meal times.
Good girl, Pole.
It was really very good of Pole to give up her condo for almost two months now, to let Baggy settle in. Now that Baggy has found her territory in the garden, we're glad Pole has reclaimed her condo.
I actually thought Pole had lost her condo for good, but no, it did not happen.
Patience comes to those who wait? can't tell them what to do. They do what they want and we just have to let them work things out by themselves.

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