Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bunny goes to the vet's

Bunny has been having this brownish eye discharge for more than 2 weeks now.  I had consulted the vet earlier and he did not think it warranted a visit, but until now, the discharge still flows every day. I thought I had better not take any chances.

So, yesterday afternoon, I managed to get an appointment and off we went to the vet's, Bunny and I.

Poor Bunny was having one of those 8-hour naps of his, so I had to wake him up.

 Huh? Why? Where are we going?

Poor Bunny...not only was he rudely woken from his nap, I had to stuff him into the carrier, which I'm sure, is quite a blow on our senior feline's dignity.

 Of course Tabs wanted to know what was going on.

Why is Bunny in the carrier, where are you taking him, and can I come along?

 There was the usual low-decibel-ed orchestra in the car.

The vet thought it was not anything serious at all, which was a relief. It could be due to the environment or just some non-specific minor problem. It could even be due to what he is eating, maybe some colouring in the food. I don't know if there is any colouring in Natural Balance and Feline Caviar but I doubt it. Most of the time, Bunny eats home-cooked food.

The vet said he could prescribe an eye-drop with steroids but steroids suppresses the immunity and it might reduce the eyes' natural ability to combat any infection. Best to leave it alone, he said. Of course I agreed. Natural is always the best. The least we interfere, the better, unless an interference is warranted.

So, instead of having anything done to his eyes, Bunny had his ears cleaned...!

I asked the vet about Bobby's seizures and he viewed it very seriously. Definitely more seriously than I thought it would be. The vet advised that should Bobby have another seizure, I'm to place him on a soft surface, and if I want, I could crush a tablet of Valium, mix it with water and pump it into his anus. That is supposed to relax him and hopefully, stop the seizure. And if it goes anything beyond 5 minutes, I'm to rush him to in to emergency and he should be put on IV. Any seizure longer than 5 minutes could very well be fatal, he said.

Oh my goodness, both Bobby's seizures were longer than 5 minutes for sure.

So Bunny and I came home with three tablets of Valium, just in case Bobby needs it.

The senior cats have been keeping Bobby company every day.

After the acupuncture, Bobby definitely feels much better. His appetite has been really good. In fact, he could be eating too much. He goes for the cats' leftovers after they are done.

This evening, he did his horsey-rodeo jig, something he used to do whenever he got excited when he was young. It is like horses buckling during a rodeo. I had to restrain him as I was afraid he would exert himself again.

I suspect the seizures were brought on due to over-exertion the two days prior to it, but I cannot be sure. It could also be just a coincidence.

The "correct" thing to do, by western veterinary practice, is to get an MRI done on Bobby's brain. But as my vet always advises, do not simply do procedures unless you wish to follow-up after getting the results. So, what if there is something wrong in Bobby's brain? He is already 16 years old and I don't think there are any brain surgeons in the country. I wouldn't put Bobby through any procedure which requires anaesthesia at this age.

So, day by day, we shall just be thankful that Bobby has a good day.

Today, he's as normal as he can be and he ate four meals. He might have eaten six meals if I had not stopped him!

He's happy...

After eating the cats' leftovers.

I hope I don't have to use this....ever.

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Peggy Quah said...

Ah... I have been away from your blog since last week, a hetic one for me and now trying to catch up. Bobby taking cat food? Oh he is old so its ok and cat food is too nutritive for dogs and and dog food not enough nutirtion for the cats. Age is catching up but he is in good hands and home so he is really blessed.