Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another escape artist in the making?

Now, who could it be?

Someone idolises Tabs and wants to emulate her?



Yes, it's Baggy. She has become really confident now and this evening, she made her way out of the grille when it was open. I thought I'd let her come out under supervision so that at least she knows what the garden looks like. I didn't think she would dash off onto the road. She's not the mischievous type...I think?

 As you can see, Mr G is still there!

 Baggy ventures cautiously.


 Wokay, wokay..that's far enough, Baggy.


She's back on her table now. By the way, that's the tip of someone's tail.

Whose tail?

Who else, right?

 Baggy loves these shelves in the garden. Normally, she hangs out with the boys at the Clubhouse by taking the highest shelf. Tonight, she is here instead.

Where is her mentor?


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