Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bobby's car-ride to his acupuncture session

It was 2pm and time to leave the house to get to TTDI for Bobby's acupuncture session at 3pm.

 But everyone was having a nap, including Bobby.

 Tiger has been Bobby's constant companion since he had his seizures.

I had no choice but to scoop Bobby up. Tiger was very concerned and wondered why I was taking Bobby out of the room. Of course I told Tiger why, but I wondered if he understood. Sure breaks your heart to see that look of worry on Tiger's face and yet, there's nothing you could do about it except to hope that he understands that Bobby is not in any danger.

Bobby was very fidgety in the car because I had put him on the passenger seat. Finally at one point, he fell onto the leg space and there he sat until we reached. The traffic was quite merciful except for motorbikes that suddenly turn up from nowhere and zoom pass you despite you putting the indicator to turn. I drove very slowly as I did not want Bobby to get car-sick. It's been quite a while since he last rode in the car. Throughout his life, he would insist on sitting on my lap while in the car, except the time when he was too young to know anything. I recall the time when he was slightly bigger than my palm and I would take him in the car to fetch my son from kindergarten every day. Those were the days...16 years ago. How time flies...

 We reached Dr Susanna's place and I carried Bobby out.

 Dr Susanna took down the details of what happened before-during-after the seizure.

Bobby was very fidgety during the insertion of the needles and he "fought" as well. Dr S did his liver, kidney and gall bladder points. In Chinese medicine, Bobby's was a case of "heat rising from the liver" and kidney deficiency (not enough "yin" (cooling) energy from the kidneys). Ill-health is all about imbalances, if you go by Chinese medicine. And acupuncture aims to correct that imbalance as much as possible.

It took Bobby sometime, but he soon settled down and I think he fell asleep as well. Wow, it must be really comfortable for him.

Dr S said Bobby's seizures did not sound like the normal seizures as in those, the patient would be extremely "spent" and exhausted after it, but for Bobby, in both times, he was extra energetic after he came to. That was quite "abnormal".

Dr S said it's clear that Bobby has dementia. Yes, that, I do agree. He is slightly "off".  Dr S will do some reading up and maybe some western herbs may help him with his condition. His two seizures did not follow the typical classic seizure patterns, so maybe the seizures were one of the effects of the dementia. It is something like there was something tensed up in him, and it had to come out and right after that, he is back to normal.

So, we drove home and Bobby was calm throughout the journey.

When we reached home, the whole gang was in the room, waiting for Bobby.

It was a welcoming committee of eight alright.

Hey, even I don't get this kind of welcome when I come home from work....

 Cow represented everyone to nudge at Bobby.

 Everyone was here.


 You can see seven of them here. Cow is not in the picture as he was sitting beside Bobby.
Updates: Cow is there, beside the pink floormat! My eyes are really going to the dogs!

 Even Cleo, the normally nonchalant one, was here.

 Here's Bobby after dinner today. His appetite was good.

Bobby wants to thank Connie and Missy again, for giving him today's slot.

I do believe Bobby felt somewhat better after the session.

Thank you, Connie and Missy, and of course, Dr Susanna too.


jenny said...

I do hope bobby gets well soon. Will pray for him.

Alicia said...

Wish Bobby a speedy recovery.

Actually you have them all there. Cow is next to the pink towel.

chankahyein said...

LOL!! How could I have missed the one and only Cow!! Yes, that's Cow!

Connie said...

That needle poking & healing lights must be really soothing. Missy fell asleep on that table too in every session.
Missy said she is glad knowing that Bobby felt much better already.

Alicia said...

I was looking for Pole, then I realised she was in the tray.
It's like a game of "spot the cats".

Pamela Veltman said...

How heartwarming is to see every of your kitties welcome their Uncle Bobby :)

Take care Bobby ;)

Chen said...

All your cats must have been so worried about Uncle Bobby that they can't sleep! Based on their own experience, when they leave home, it is to visit that AWFUL place - the vet, and so they must be all worried that Uncle Bobby is treated well, won't bump into things, or take a wrong turn, etc :)