Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bobby hangs out in the garden

I suspect Bobby's seizures may have been triggered by over-exercise. Two days prior to the first seizure, we tried leaving him in the pantry instead of the room and he was not able to find a comfortable spot to rest, so he walked non-stop. Maybe that over-exertion caused the seizures?

Anyway, he has been fine today until this evening when he passed out pasty stools again. There was also streaks of blood in them. He seems fine otherwise, so I've given him Gentle Digest for now.

 I let him out for a short walk this evening and also to get some healing sunshine.

 Being the hot and dry season, the crossandras are in full bloom.


 Good ol' Bobs. He's nick-named "Loyal Dog" and rightly so!

I wonder, in his present Alzheimer-ish state, just how much he remembers and how much he knows...

Actually, it doesn't matter if he doesn't know me anymore.

I still know him.


Wong Yoke Mei said...

That's how i hold and hug my Benji whenever we sit on the floor to watch tv. He would sleep on his side on top of me and lick my face. Those are the wonderful moments in my daily life.....

Joo Gyee said...

I like this, "Actually, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know me anymore.
I still know him".

How I wish every human being treats animals this way so our world would be a much much better place to live!

loh lay peng said...

u r amazing

Maneki Neko said...

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know me anymore.
I still know him”.

I had the same powerful reaction to this as Joo Gyee. It's a profoundly beautiful sentiment.

Chen said...

I agree! The last two lines are really powerful.