Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mr G spends the whole day here nowadays

Looks like the barricade does not deter Mr G from coming over! For those uninformed about Mr G, he is a neighbour's cat but there seems to be too many cats in his household, so he comes over to our house. There is a wired barricade in his house, but it looks like Mr G has found a way to get pass it and still come over.

We don't mind, of course, because he is good company and he is a very easy-going fellow with very good manners.

 Here he is this afternoon, on the patio, after getting his afternoon meal from us.


 Could I, like, come into the house?

I thought I'd sit out on the patio to mark my papers and keep Mr G company for once.

 He decided to find a cooler place?

 That's cute, I know, but it is also destroying too pandan plants!

 So, I got him to sit at the Stargate.

 That's a classic Fish Pose. He certainly looks very comfortable, doesn't he?


 Bunny is also quite comfortable too!

Lucky cats...they can sleep while we have to bring work home to do!

 Two friends are not sleeping, though.

 We want to come out. We demand to know what is going on outside!


cindy said...

Mr. G sounds like my neighbour's cats. They all come to my place to hang out. One of them, Linker, is the most lucky. He would ask to be let in, meow for food, the go to the bed for his after-meal-nap.

In our old apartment, we had the same with our neigbour's big cat. He is as huge as Mr. G. Nosy is his name. Walked in like the KING, emptied all the left overs from the cats' bowls, then placed himself right in the middle of our bed and snored away! Later on we figured out he did not like the teenage kids! Whenever the kids were home, he came to us!

Nicole said...

It could well be that Mr G could not go home any more because of the barricade so he now seeks solace at your home more often. Maybe it is a chance to "steal" him to the vet for the snip?

chankahyein said...

Mr G can definitely go home. He takes his usual route on the ledge every day.