Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visiting Sean with gifts

After work today, I went to buy a new cage for Sean.  He's so playful, the foldable one is all distorted now. 

Hi Sean!  He was all excited to see me and greeted me happily at the gate. 
Sean is oh-so-friendly, I dont think he would ever bark at anyone!

Mum came downstairs and said Sean has been on a tearing spree all day.  He even tore up the rolled-up newspapers, supposedly his "training tool".

Well, puppies will be puppies!

I opened up his new toys for him - the two balls and the stringie thingie.  He wasn't interested.  Ahh...just like children.  They throw the toy aside and play with the box or the rubber bands! 

Mum asked Sean to catch the ball...

You mean this green thingie?  Er...not interested.  I prefer plastic mugs that I can tear to pieces (the forbidden fruit is always sweeter, don't you know?)

Mum showing me that Sean could shake hands.

Sean's totally devoted to mum.

I bought a packet of Royal Canin for Sean as a treat.  After all, he needs good nutrition now.  He loved it so much when I fed him by hand.

He wasn't interested in his old kibbles after that, but lapped some up as well, later.

Sean saying "thank you" in his typical sitting style.

He's a very courteous dog and greeted dad as he came down.  He sure knows his manners very well.

We went upstairs to chat, and while we were at it, we heard the bell on Sean's collar ringing and the plastic mug being flung around.  Well, we heard all sorts of little noises that sounded like he was having LOADS of fund.

When I finally came down to go home...


(Heh, Suki the 2nd?)

Puppies will be puppies.

Be happy, Sean, but don't be too mischievous too. 
We can't be cleaning up after you all day, ok? 


oliver said...

Well at least sean is only tearing up your flower pot. Unlike my own dog tearing up all my furniture i even have to throw away my sofa set that cost me RM 500.00. Still i love her dearly

Anonymous said...

KY, hahahahahahaaaaa !!!!!! Good one! Sean made my day .... he is a budding gardener or landscapper horning up his skills ... hahahhahhaaaaaaa!!!!! I feel good now to face a tough day ahead! Good boboy, Sean!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sean was oni digging out his precious ball-ball that Pho-pho buried in the flower pot by mistake! Hahahahhahhaaaaaa !!!!!