Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sean's progress

Here's Pravinn's updates on Sean:

According to the vet's assistant, Sean's recovering very well. He's still coughing a little, though. Aside from that minor setback, Sean looked very excited to see me and Bala, the moment we walked in. We fed him some rice and meat which he seemed to enjoy thoroughly. If his appetite is anything to go by, I would say he's doing excellent.

Once he was done eating, we played with him for awhile. He seemed slightly wobbly but he was quite responsive. He made it extremely difficult for us to leave by crying out the moment we shut the door of the enclosure he was in. With heavy hearts, we eventually left.

The vet's assistant also said that he might be having some trouble digesting the chicken bones as he vomitted it out the other day. Fortunately, we opted to bring meat today.

Pravinn with Sean

Bala with Sean

Sean and his food!

We hope to rehome Sean after he has recovered.  Preferably it should be a house with no other dog unless Sean can be separated from your other dogs (must be vaccinated). 

Sean looks very young.  He is active, playful and is a very happy and loving dog.  He has a full life ahead of him and we really want to give him this chance. 

If you can help foster him for a few months, it would also be very helpful.  Please contact me at 012-6935870 or Pravinn at 012-2584015, if you can help. 

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