Sunday, January 10, 2010

Caught red-handed

Who?  Me??


Anonymous said...

Oh, errr .... that is what my real mama (miss you mama! Hope you are safe ... I am ok with my new Mama and family here, they love me loads!)taught me. She showed me how to get my own lunch and dinner, said I was growing up into a big girl already and cannot depend on her for nen-nen anymore. Anyway, if you guys stop loving me one day (touch wood and Heaven forbid!) I will need to practise hard to acquire all the skills I need to catch and disembowel that prey the way my real mama taught me to do so that I won't go hungry and starve to death. She did it with such finese too. I don't think I fancy scavenging and eating garbage to survive ... ewwwwwhhhhh!

chankahyein said...

Hi Anonymous, Yes, we wish Suki had a good start in life. Unfortunately, no. Suki came from a rather sad beginning. She was found struggling to keep her head above water THREE times in a mossy, oil-filled drain while her (real) mama looked on. She just looked and did nothing. Two of Suki's siblings (from the same litter) died horrible deaths. One had a gaping hole in the abdomen with maggots. Suki was the lucky one (at least we think so). She was rescued by her rescuer, Yen Ling, because she (was naughty enough) kept falling into the drain, hence, Yen Ling thought she would never be able to survive well as a stray. So, that was how Suki came to live with me. And now? Rules my house!