Saturday, January 30, 2010

Suki is missing

Dear all,

Suki is missing.  The last I saw her was at 5pm before my son and I went out.  After we came back, there was very heavy rain.  I went out in the rain to look for her but could not find her anywhere.

It is now 9.26pm and she is still missing.  My son and I, and all our cats, have checked the entire road, down the drains as well.  She was no where to be seen.

I have gone out into the back alley with a torchlight as well, and I cannot find her. 

All my cats are back home now, and I think they sense that something is not right.

There has been no territorial problem between all my adult cats and Suki.  They all love her and have accepted her as a member of the family.  In fact, the territorial problem is with Wii where Cow and Bunny are trying to chase him out.  But Wii is fine, and he lives in the back alley and my backyard. 

Suki's favourite places are the rocking chair and on top of my son's car in the porch.  She has never gone anywhere far at all. 

I hope Suki is safe and will return home soon.

Please spare a kind thought for Suki, and wish her a safe return. 

I am going out to look for her again now.

This is where Suki would be every single night, on my lap, as I write my blog.  It isn't like her to disappear.  She has never gone anywhere far.   


Mandy said...

Hi KY,

I know it must be very devastating that Suki has not return, i can't sleep after hearing it from you that Suki is missing. Right now, i can only pray that she is fine and maybe she was wondering into someone's house and was kept there for the night.

My prayers are for Suki's safe return. Please let Suki be ok.

kulay kahel said...

oh no. i hope you find her i lost a cat a year ago and never found him again. i never got over it and i feel for you. i pray you find suki..

Anonymous said...

Wishing for the return of Suki for you.