Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sean, ready for adoption

I've always said we only have moments, and we can only take care of moments. 

If you remember, my mum agreed to foster Sean while he was recovering from distemper.  She said she would consider adopting him provided he behaved himself in the house.  At that time, we did not know Sean was still a puppy and was still growing.   

Well, this morning, I received a phonecall from my father while I was at work.  He said Sean has twice destroyed the headlights on his car, and asks if I can find an adopter for Sean.

Sean is a puppy, and puppies normally do such things.  But granted, two dogs is a bit too much to handle for my 76 year-old parents, especially when Sean is only a puppy and according to my mum, he has grown to twice his size when he first went to them, and is incredibly strong now.  Also, a bit too boisterous for my father. 

So, I'm putting Sean up for adoption now.  Or, fostering. 

Sean is a distemper survivor.  He recovered very quickly from the disease (cough and diarrhoea), and was up and about in no time.  His fast recovery probably indicates that he has a very strong immune system.  It has been 1 1/2 months since he was first diagnosed and treated for the disease.  In another 2 weeks, he should not be shedding the virus anymore. 

Sean has not been vaccinated or neutered because he was undergoing treatment for distemper. 

If you would like to adopt or foster Sean, please contact me.  Please note that Sean is still a puppy and is still very playful and curious.   

Sean and my mum (he is a little bigger than this now). 

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